Today is the day!



Getting a little crazed at work. When I’m gone, there will be no one left who knows ColdFusion. So everyone wants stuff before I’m gone. Got news for you all, not everyone is going to be happy.


When I woke up this morning I thought it was Wednesday. I was convinced. Then I checked my phone to be sure and nope it’s Tuesday. I was pretty sad.

Last night at the gym I had a terrible headache. I worked on bench because it is much quieter out there. I looked into the weightlifting area, and the music was loud and every platform almost had two lifters already. So I made the right call and just went home. I think my coach saw me, he doesn’t like it when I bail, but it was the right call. I was in bed by 8 and got a good nights’ rest. I still have a headache today but it’s not as bad. If it’s bad again tonight, I’ll skip driving all the way over there and just stay home.

Trying to not let the stress of this week bother me. I’d rate my current success level at 85%.


Only four days left. Everyone in the office is sick with some terrible cold. Except healthy old moi. I cannot use any sick leave…so if I get it too, my plan is to simply take out as many others as I can before I am gone.

Oh, my masters teammates are going to the Master National this weekend in Salt Lake City…coach won’t be in the gym therefore. So I am planning to chill out on Thursday night and also Friday. Maybe, I will clean off my platform and work at home? Dunno. Or maybe I will read a book.

6 almost 5 days now


Less than a week now. I find myself putting off things like vacuuming, I mean, after all, I will have plenty of time starting next weekend!

But that’s not actually true, is it? I’ve established a strict schedule for myself, and planned a yard sale with a hard date. My buddy is taking vacation and driving down from Eureka to help. I have to go through my house, declutter, organize, and price.

Also, there’s two events I’m assisting with: a tracking test and my barbell clubs spring meet.

I mean, honest to god, can a retiree just have a moment for a nap?

Guys…only SEVEN days

Had a bit of a panic attack last night at the gym, but still managed to do some lifting. I tweaked out my shoulder on Tuesday night doing presses. I’ve done this before…rest fixes me up. I think I overextend my shoulder when the press gets heavy. It’s a sharp pain, but only with overhead stuff.

Back to gym tonight, sumo is on the menu, plus whatever Olys I can manage, but I won’t push it with the shoulder.